The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus

A world of enchantment where together we conjure such spectacle as most dogs may only dream

We are Putting the Magic Back into Dog Training

Whoever said training your furry family member should be a chore? A lifetime of creating opportunities for learning through play, first as a traditional British children’s nanny and latterly as a qualified canine behavior specialist, led Deborah to imagine a world where those elusive-but-essential skills of sit and stay, focus and the ability to willingly follow instructions are acquired almost by accident whilst having more fun than most dogs could ever imagine.  As if by magic, in fact…

“Tricks that are not just Incredibly Clever, but also transfer rather usefully into real life”

Photo Credit: Annabel Bird

Photo Credit: Sui Searle

We are Inventive

We recognize that modern life can be akin to living in a Circus. Tenacious in the pursuit of mischief, we never tire of finding imaginative solutions to both the common and extraordinary challenges faced by urban dog-parents. By creating intentional chaos we achieve audacious outcomes – equipping our canine clients not just with an array of clever tricks but also incredible skills for life.

“Striped circus tents, vintage bicycles and a seemingly never-ending supply of sausages, if there’s a doggie-heaven then the Incredibly Clever Canine Circus just might be it”

We are Inclusive

Is your dog a diva? A bit of a drama-queen? Or more of a devil? Individuality and quirkiness are the foundation of a great performer and essential attributes in the Circus; we seek to identify and enhance the unique talents of each of our canine clients, allowing every dog to shine.

“Not only for accomplished, confident dogs. Deborah is Incredibly Clever at bringing out the best in each individual – owners and pups alike”

Photo Credit: Sui Searle

We are Incredibly Clever

We know that hound-obsessed humans will go to any lengths to see our furry pals exhibiting their uniquely-canine joie de vivre! But we also understand that finding an appropriate outlet for typical doggy exuberance in our increasingly human-centric world can be a challenge. Enter the Circus! We draw on our extensive knowledge of doggie behavior, meticulously tailoring the experience to bring joy to our entire Circus community, canine and human alike. 

“Not just a good dose of doggy-training but also a deepening of the bond between dog and owner”

Photo Credit: Lucinda Griffiths

We are a Community

A Circus is a collaboration; greater than the sum of its parts, it is a constantly evolving kinetic art project.  We ensure a social experience that is informal, imaginative and extraordinary, but it is our passionate participants who provide the awe and delight. Come prepared to forge friendships, share treats, tips and ideas, and together we will create a spectacle fit to astonish.

“The reinvigoration of a traditional art form, reimagined for the modern age”

We are a Travelling Circus

In addition to our locally-based weekly classes, we offer a limited number of full-day workshops further afield. Our previous clients range from dog training clubs and events to festivals, vintage markets and stately homes. If you can deliver the venue and a troupe of enthusiastic recruits, we’ll bring all the equipment, energy and imagination required for a day filled with laughter, learning and delight. We are flexible on location – if we can get to you, we’ll be there!

“A raggedy band of misfits, rascals and troublemakers, chasing our dreams from place to place”

Photo Credit: Lucinda Griffiths


Creating the Greatest Dogs on Earth

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