My dog won’t do it

Maybe you’ve been told your dog is naughty? Lazy? Even ‘too stupid to learn’? We’ve heard them all and, tbh, it’s seldom the reality. (Actually make that never. We’ve yet to find a dog who doesn’t love the Circus.) The key to teaching anything is to find something the learner loves and use it appropriately to motivate them. In our case that’s sausages(!), together with praise, affection, fun and spending quality time with their favorite person in the world. What could be more motivating than that?



How is learning tricks going to teach my dog to behave better?

Ah, the million-dollar question! Shouldn’t we just be practicing sit, stay and lie down over and over again? Well let me ask you a question – do you find that fun? Does it fill your heart with joy to spend 20 minutes trying to persuade your dog to come back whilst watching the little hairy devil race around the park looking for squirrels? Believe me, we’ve been there: it’s why we invented the Circus! Instead of creating dull and repetitive exercises which engage no-one, we carefully craft each class, filling it with routines, tricks, twists and turns to stimulate the mind and ensure your dog wants to pay attention to you because they are having the best time ever. And a dog that listens to you = a better behaved dog. Ta da!


Is it going to change my life?

Who knows? Do you want your life to change? Our alumni report calmer, more easy-going and responsive dogs. “Walks have become a pleasure” “He actually came back!” and “She’s a whole new lady – who knew there was so much sass in there?” We regularly see improvements in fitness and mobility, shy dogs grow in confidence and the individual personalities of each of our lovely canine learners shining through. Once it becomes a pleasure, rather than a chore, we can’t promise you won’t be motivated to spend more time with your dog: be that going on outings as a family without nearly getting divorced over the dog’s behavior, or getting full-on addicted to trick-training and winning America’s Got Talent. You never know – you might even end up running away to join the Circus!


But I can’t juggle!

Neither can I! (Although I’m trying to learn…) But at our Circus it’s the dogs who learn the tricks, we humans are there to guide and support them as they enter into an exciting journey of exploration and creativity. We do, however, like to incorporate any particular skills our humans bring to class into our routines, be that doing a handstand or unicycling, we’ll help you and your pooch design a trick around your special talent. (And if you’re a master juggler I might just hire you!)



Hopefully we’ve answered your questions here but if you do have any outstanding queries please just drop us a line via our contact form below – we’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, we hope you’ve realized our Circus really is for everyone – time to click the button below and Run Away with the Circus. We would love to see you there!


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