Well hey there! How lovely to see you here. There’s much excitement at The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus headquarters today as we launch our brand new website, dedicated to all things canine-circus related. We have great plans for this small space, from training tips and ideas for tricks to tails of Circus dogs real and imaginary, but most of all we would love to hear what you would like to see here.

I started running Circus-themed training classes in London 3 years ago because I wanted to create a joyful, informal training opportunity that welcomed both dogs and their people and was absolutely not intimidating or dull. From the start we dreamed big, but even so could never have imagined the opportunities that would be presented to us, from performing at Crufts Dog Show to running workshops across the UK for the likes of Wayne Hemingway’s Classic Car Boot Sale in London The Good Life Experience in Wales and Castle Howard’s Dog Festival in Yorkshire. Without really intending to, we became a truly Traveling Circus, culminating in relocating our entire operation – dogs, bikes, bells and all – to New York at the tail end of 2018.

The move seemed a natural time to give the Circus its own website, somewhere to communicate not just what we do, but why. We wanted to showcase the magic that happens through spending time with like-minded pooch-parents, exploring new ways of learning together and all the while strengthening your bond with your lovely hound. It’s been a labour of love these past few months, working together with our patient and creative designer who has been amazing in capturing the very essence of who we are. We think it looks incredible and do hope you like it.

We’ve weathered our first Brooklyn winter, mostly holed-up in our apartment, busying ourselves with creating some exciting new tricks and perfecting the design of the site, which is finally ready. And just in time, as spring is thankfully starting to show itself in the gorgeous 500-acre Prospect Park, just down the street. It’s time to once again load my trolley with hoops, mats and sausages, as we prepare to share our Circus shenanigans with the many fantastic dogs of New York who are, I’m certain, just waiting for the chance to become The Greatest Dogs on Earth. We do hope you and your furry family member will be amongst them…


Creating the Greatest Dogs on Earth

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