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We love training in the great outdoors and hold our weekly classes in Prospect Park, Brooklyn from Easter through to October. Classes are arranged into courses of 6 x 1-hour sessions. We recommend that you attend every week in order to keep pace with your classmates, but if necessary you can repeat a course before graduating to the next level (discounts available for returning students). Due to the unique nature of our classes all dogs should start at Foundation level, regardless of prior training completed. Please read all booking information below prior to signing up.

Fabulous Foundation

This is our entry level, suitable for dogs of any shape, size or age (from approx 6m plus). No prior training required. In this class we work on focus and confidence along with some simpler tricks and routines, creating a strong foundation to build on in later courses.  

(Pre-requisites: open to all)

Ingenious Intermediate

Once you have mastered all the twists and turns of foundation level, you will be ready to step up to our second level course! Here we start to build more involved tricks and routines, give more focus to working at a distance, as well as consolidating everything learned in foundation class.  

(Pre-requisites: successful completion of Fabulous Foundation course)

Astoundingly Advanced

Only the most talented Circus dogs make it to the Astoundingly Advanced course! Here we will work on building complex routines with the other dogs in class, together with some of our most advanced tricks and stunts, worthy of the most talented circus performer. Be prepared to get creative, exploiting your dog’s talents to the max, and create a partnership to be proud of.

(Pre-requisites: successful completion of Ingenious Intermediate course)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Cherry / The Good Life Experience

Photo Credit: Lucinda Griffiths


We love sharing the Circus with new people and their pooches and offer workshops ranging from 1-hour taster sessions to one and two full-day experiences. Whether you run a dog training club or venue, or want to inject some delight into your dog-friendly event, we have the skills, imagination and enthusiasm to ensure that joining the Circus is fun for all. Please get in touch to discover how we can bring joy to your canine community.

We would love you to join our Circus! To avoid any disappointment, please read the following and our Terms and Conditions below before reserving your place:

∗ Classes are suitable for dogs who do not habitually display overtly aggressive behavior around other dogs or people. We have found that training outside often allows dogs who may struggle to maintain composure at an indoor class situation to participate. Above all, we aim to ensure that all dogs enjoy coming to class so if you are unsure of your dog’s suitability to train in this environment, please contact us before booking.

∗ Your dog will be required to easily step onto and off a low platform (6 inches in height).  This is not a problem for most dogs, but if your dog has any muscular-skeletal challenges or injuries, please contact us prior to booking so that we can discuss suitability with you.

∗ Each dog attending must be booked onto the course and accompanied by at least one adult (18+).  Any additional family dogs who wish to attend must book a separate place and be accompanied by another adult handler.

∗ Dogs not participating in the classes should not be brought to class.  As the course builds on previously acquired skills week to week, we ask that every dog attends each lesson; the course is not suitable to switch different dogs in and out of individual lessons.

Photo Credit: Samantha Murray Greenway

Terms and Conditions of Business


 Cancellations: refunds will only be issued prior to course commencement and with a minimum of 14 days’ notice – a credit towards another class will be offered or refund issued (minus $25 administration fee); refunds cannot be given for individual classes missed (please inform us in advance if you cannot attend a particular class). If a course is cancelled prior to commencement due to low registration numbers or other problem, registrants will be offered a place on an alternative course where possible, or a full refund will be offered. 

 Behaviour / suitability: Some dogs are not suited to learning in a class environment; The Dog Nanny / The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus reserves the right to remove a dog from a class as and when the trainer deems necessary and offer private training or a refund in its place. (If you are concerned that your dog may not be suitable for group training please contact us prior to booking.) All dogs must attend with a handler aged 18 years or over; we do not permit multiple dogs to attend with one handler; dogs not participating in the class are not permitted to attend. 

 Children: to ensure the welfare of all participants (including canine ones) children under 14 are only permitted to attend classes specifically designated as a ‘young handlers’ class; children accompanied by a responsible adult (not the participating handler) may be permitted to watch other classes from a reasonable distance, but will not be invited to take part and may be required to move away if their presence / behavior is causing a problem for participants; ‘Young Handlers Welcome’: these classes are specifically designed to allow younger handlers (usually aged around 10+) to experience The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus training – any dogs participating in these classes are expected to be comfortable around children but each young handler is also required to respect the welfare of all dogs and not approach any dog other than their own, to be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult, and to be capable of behaving in an appropriate manner for a class dog training situation, including following the trainer’s instructions at all times; if a young handler’s behavior is considered to be inappropriate by the trainer they will not be permitted to continue with the class and may be required to leave. 

 Media rights: stills and video photography of your own dog only for personal and/or social media use is permitted; photography / filming of other participants and / or dogs is not permitted; The Dog Nanny / The Incredibly Clever Canine Circus reserves the right to capture you and/or your dog through video, audio, and/or stills photography for use on our social media and websites and other media opportunities.


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